A word coined in 1980 by futurist Alvin Toffler
as a blend of producer and consumer , and used to
describe how a builder and a buyer join and create
a purchase that becomes a personal one of a kind .

Designer ships an attractive and well made product ,
like a hockey machine with a clean sheet of white ice ,
then the owner adds all his own custom touches .

click here for custom photoUplifting and user-friendly to play on ,
Imaginative and custom-friendly to play with .

Today in photoshop and with decal and label papers ,
owners are having a blast putting ads and slogans
on rink boards , making versions of favorite pro teams ,
and creating unique settings to play their special game .
Original player images included , blank teams available .

click here for custom game photoCheck out what others have done .  Go full screen !

Mike Nerino
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Steve Panebianco
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Rory Tate
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Brandan Kraft

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