in tribute to our 34 years
a glossary of terms

act of god
a rare puck bouncing in and out of the net .
( when it happens - it doesn’t count )
ass save
a goalie stopping a shot on goal while facing his net .
backwards goalie
a penalty shot call for an ass save on a shot from out front .
( turn goalie ! - is the ref warning - rookies are cut slack )
an equal share by players causing a puck out of play .
blew by you
no hands on a goalie - he gets spun and beaten by the
mass and power of a big ripa from anywhere on the ice .
after linda ronstadt + brass puck centers )
booking lulu

losing by 4-0 in a game .
( see hawaii )
booking ohio
having scored and losing by 4 goals in a game .
( after mark wolfe )
boy blunder
sometimes it’s hard to face what you just did .

a goalie moving forward meets a center coming in for a jam .
britney spears

a center stabbing at a goalie who has the puck behind him .
a goal scored this way counts . ( see freeze )
buy benej
up on two feet moving - so fun to play and joke around . .
hands ready , fingers loose . . .
buzzer beater

a goal or no goal call at the beep - the ref alone makes it .
see fd’s and rules )
center ice mystery
where the better play is the key to winning games .

a goal in the last 5 seconds of a period .
after alan cousineau )
cross body

a close in center goal shot to the goalie’s far side .
cross rodded

chaos at the control panel .

a defenseman .
def jam

a hard punch shot from a center with the puck on his slot .

a 2 to 2 score .

a defensive short pull back allowing a wing the space for
a high pass or a turn around shot .
d l t

a down low tip goal by a center from a wing .

a dee bounce pass off side boards that leads to a center goal .
after ron leclerc )

any shot or pass in the air .
after joe morgan )
f d’s

fine distinctions in a ref’s yes or no at a period’s end .
after ralph colucci ) - ( see rules )
a 4 to 2 score .
fraser laser

a top corner bullet from either defenseman .
after fraser strain )
front row

losing by 4 goals in a game .
( after bob uecker )
game abuse

you know it when you hear it .

a give away that becomes a goal .
goose eggs

a scoreless period or periods or game .

a beautiful skill goal or play .
see masterpiece )
hawaii 5-0

an ultimate vacation package for the loser .
( see booking lulu )
hub a dub

a center goal from a wing bounce pass off the end boards .
after kevin hubbard )
it's just not fair !

said with a british accent - gets laughs .
(after felix vandijk)

any movement on a face off before the call of go .
kelly ripa

a nice evalated goal on a shot from a wing .
after peter terreri )
kinetic chess
the tablehockey design delivers balance of play - angles
openings - passing - shooting - checking , all play equally
in strength and strategy - anywhere on this big white ice .
kiss your sister

splitting the points in a tie .

an ugly goal that rolls or bounces or twists in .
after rick benej )
la machine

a player who dominates game after game .
after marc pomminville )
leave the car

a 4 to 1 score .
after steve bernstein )
louie fortunato

a lucky goal or a lucky save or a lucky miss .

a high skill - clutch beauty goal - on a benej game .
( see le jeu du soir )
member’s bounce

a lucky goal or a lucky save or a lucky miss .

the ending of a game by a 5 goal lead .
see rules ) - ( after pierre bechard ) :
who once beat a rookie by 20 goals in a 9 minute game .
missed it
the ref goes to the players to make the best call .

a 5-0 first period mercy .

a proud goalie shout on a big save .
after rich harvey )
on the peninsula

losing by 4 goals in a game .
see yucatan )
pass from hell

an own goal scored by a forward passing back .
penalty shot

four seconds you’ll never get back .
see rules )

a center shot from the center circle off a low wing pass .
again pierre bechard )
play on

a call by the ref when a jump or a play is unclear .
popcorn hockey

free shooting or wild game play .

when most everything you touch goes in .
after jimmy powell )
rake in

an own goal scored by a defenseman pulling back .
respecter la machine

you know abuse when you hear it in french .
respect the rink

you know abuse when you hear rick try his french .
reverse cooz

a goal scored in the first 5 seconds of a period .
again alan cousineau )
r m

a rookie mistake by a newbie or a veteran .
amazing how they make such good reading .
see rules )
short side master

when you finally pick the short side .

a sudden death overtime .
again joe morgan )
seconds left

53 don drysdale ticks - 4 bobby orr ticks - 8 yogi berra ticks . .
cut the pizza pie in 4 - because I can’t eat 8
( endless fun variations )

a goal scored on a puck that is pushed in .

an inside turn around shot from the left wing center curve .
source of the force

the player who starts a puck out of play is responsible .
arguments solved - see rules )
stay strong

a right place to steer a sagging confidence .
again fraser strain )

a blanket stop of an opponent shot or pass .
sweet georgia brown

in total control - toying with the opponent .
sweet spot

the center’s space between the back check and the goalie .

a gathering of players - looking forward to now .
after all our players )
take a pee

line up for a penalty shot .
see rules )
that's what she said

a comeback to most anything .
the alley
the right defensive path up the middle .
the channel

the left defensive path up the middle .
the odd couple

a combination of left dee and center defending the alley .
the points

where the up ice defense maintains offensive possession .
the square

a right angle pass from a wing coming back cradling the puck
to a center going in for the tip .
after many quebecois )
the twins

a combination of right dee and center defending the channel .
the vee

a wing pass from the corner to a center waiting to shoot .
( again rich harvey )
thin man

a goalie turned sideways to net .
twang factor
an explosive result when sticks pin the puck between them .
more joe morgan )

losing by 4 goals in a game .
u p o d

under promise - over deliver .
after jana mcleland - my wife )
wing to wing goal

a pretty poetry in motion when it happens .
more felix )
went the distance

surviving a mercy to the end of the game .
wrap around

passing the puck behind the net from wing to wing .
wrap around goal

a scoring shot by a wing off a wrap around .
yakety sax

sometimes you can only laugh at what you just did .

a pass interception into a long shot goal by a defenseman .
yes sir

a proud player shout on a big save or goal .
your quarter’s worth

surviving a mercy to the end of the game .

losing by 4 goals in a game .
peninsula - bob uecker - joe morgan )
zoned in

where we all dream to be .

tablehockey makes memories

more afters
andrew benej - bob bernstein - daniel bordeleau - marc dalzell
robert daoust - john davidson - michel decarie - kenny dubois
marco - normand - sylvain - doucet - harold edie - stan fischler
norman gates - jean gelinas - marc gelinas - greg gutchigian
ray jorgensen - david e kelley - sara kelly - warren klotzman
vince kowalick - claude lavoie - dany leclerc - marc lemaire
jacob lindahl - lou lucas - gary macrae - denis maille - george
marck - frank mauriello - julia mc carthy - tony mongelizzi
mario ouellette - michel ouellette - roger owens - regis philbin
john power - bill pratt - daniel raymond - sam rosen - richard
roveto - umberto roveto jr - elliot shoenman - nadir stepanov
and neil whitely ) !

tablehockey rend souvenirs

umberto roveto
an original montreal player )
unior has created a nostalgic slideshow with player photos from
our long tournament history - ( nyc . ny . ma . ri . nj . que . ont ) ,
plus other TableHockey promos and pieces - up on video list .

note :
I highly recommend the Only a Game piece about us - heard on
National Public Radio - 9 minutes with Bill Littlefield - up on site .
Really captures the mood and personality of a RI tourney held on
original model , back when champ Fraser Strain was just a rookie .
Wait for the comfortable Tom Petty music sending out the story .

postscript :
Often someone would wish . . in the electric atmosphere
of a tournament . . to be able to see at once - every table ,
every drama , every mano a mano . . happening in the hall .
When the Fed Ex van rolls out with a new game ,
it leaves with a hope for each who will get to play it . .
Share some of the huge fun and excitement we players
created over the years . . gathering to play this great game .

© rick benej . 2015

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