premise -
Jose can you see ?
because you cant miss whats about to
happen - when all 4 interminable stanzas
by Francis Scott Key are sung together
at sporting events as our national

Max Anthem

while grass grows -
starters toss 200 warm ups
queens reapers scythe citifield
the green monster fades to lime
outfield aroma says t bone tailgate
kids play frisbee on the field for free
ground crew stands by the rolling tarp
president skips a baseball opening day
the veep is in relief with nobody on .

where over at msg -
hammocks swing from rangers fan club
no beer sold sparks 6 concession riots
cops ticket those who have sat down
goalies kneel and mug the goalcam
10 bar stools spin at the blue lines
earplug vendors do big business
balding fans put caps back on
aliens visit the skyseats .

from espn we see -
catatonic crowd shots
hands on hearts go numb
bullpen v toreador slow mo’s
a singer survive both stanzas
our second singer get the jitters
an american flag on the field mold
the every stanza rockets red glare
mascara tears from the southern girls .

like letterman when -
squatting catcher now armchair for wife
sausage runners eat inside their buns
cheerleader pyramids vibrate wildly
goal frames sag into long smiles
soccer balls deflate in entropy
kids morph into sugar brats
gary bettman gets booed
the pips show up .

and who could miss -
vin scully singing along
espn anthem halftime show
the first load of moon helium 3
the rookie of the year retirement
a civilized world outlaw sharia law
israel and palestine declare peace
nuclear fusion power finally realized
ushers return to the house of ushers .


© benejvandijk . august . 2014 -15

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