Metric Nets

When pitchers ruled the roost and batters couldnt hit .300 ,
MLB set out to balance its game by lowering the mound .

When the big men condensed most scoring into tips and stuffs ,
the NBA set out to balance its game with the three-point shot .

When goalies are so good that almost nothing gets past them ,
the NHL is out of balance at the heart of its sport and appeal .

Saving 90% is routine - 50 shots on goal nets 5 - numbers that
wither the fans - players - and the Fastest Game on Earth .

Make a net magician more vulnerable - give our terrific players
more to shoot at . Fans are tired of all saves - baloney scores .
Fans come there to roar more ! - - Give us more scoring !

Heres an idea that shifts ballast and maybe rights the ss NHL :

Goal frames are 4’ x 6’ - that’s 2 yards between the pipes .
A yard is 36 inches - a meter is 39 3/8 inches .
Make the NHL and all Pro nets 2 meters between the pipes .
Make the high stick rule : Waist High - one yard - one meter .
A safer rule - and an easy call - most anywhere on the ice .
Spread the goal posts by 6 3/4- Raise the crossbar by 4 1/2” .

This keeps the original look - old nets will soon be forgotten .

Frame area is enlarged by 19% - adding 2 goals to every game .
That’s 2000+ extra goals scored over an 80 game NHL season .
Players and fans will love it - goalies will be mortals once again .

When goalies were so good that almost nothing got past them ,
the NHL set out to balance its game with the Metric Net .

Hope springs eternal .


© Rick Benej . 2013


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