On Holiday

Jesus sits at a poker table - nursing a cup of red wine
cheerily nesting blue chips - stacking up the good times
elevator boys stare at Franklin - inventing musical airs
fingering a glass harmonica - dipping in moist Perrier .

Jesus doodles in soft pencil - bubbles on paper appear
below them a face of Edison - pondering grand ideas
pencil shapes a light bulb - Tom’s mind bursts with glee
“Send it to the New Yorker” - laughs Jesus very pleased .

Hot day is leaving Vegas - every thermostat unwinds
dealers stand there proper - decked in black bow ties
Ben is on a union break - a lift , a doll , a floor , a room
Muzac flows as absinthe - on this cast of looney tunes .

Our dealer shuffles rapid - then pockets a random tip
and watches as her players - toss in a fresh blue chip
tokens landing wobble still - amid the green cloth field
flying cards abruptly stop - a wrong is seen in the deal .

“Where’s your ante, Christ ?” - snaps our lady in charge
Hes at the Patent Office in DC” - Jesus says to Marge
with a key to perpetual motion - given from off the shelf
AC peeked before Xmas - the guy loves to help himself “.

“What the devil made you do it ?” - Marge waves time out
Never forgets my birthday - ships a nice case of stout
and often includes a little note - twisting words into lines
like Hockey frees from earth - Baseball frees from time “.

“Whats with men and sports ?” - her mantra is well fed
Fun & Games Stick Together” - he chews a crust of bread
and takes a sip of wine - the hush becomes far reaching
He who can - boys at play - He who cant - boys watching “.

“And what key went to AC ?” - Margie is back on the point
The perpetual machine of oceans”- he points to the point
AC shines in the details - knows how to make bucks grow
Jesus Christ !” - yells a player - “cut the yap and let’s go !”

Jesus chuckles once again - that cartoon napkin thinking
sees he’s a blue chip short - at Margo’s game and greenery
then instantly it’s there - a blue gyroscope spinning magic
the orb of oceans glistens - to orchestras humming electric .


© rick benej . 2013



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